When moving into a home in need of repair, it can be challenging financially. Some people purchase fixer-upper homes because they can’t afford turnkey properties. When considering which renovations to focus on first, homeowners with limited budgets often wonder where to start. Here are some suggestions.

Replacing the windows – Buying new windows can be a cost-effective way to save money on utility bills in the long run. However, this depends on where you purchase them from. Try to find a good balance between price and quality.

Upgrade the kitchen – Everyone wants a dream kitchen with every feature possible. However, kitchen renovations are among the most expensive home improvements. Fortunately, this doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Additionally, people may want to prioritize spending on their kitchen because it’s used frequently.

Freshen up paint – Adding a new coat of paint to the walls of your home is an easy way to improve its look without spending much. It is also a fairly simple DIY job as long as you use quality paint and tools.

New flooring installation – It’s easy to dramatically improve the look of a fixer-upper with simple changes like replacing old flooring. One of the more affordable types of flooring is vinyl plank flooring – it costs about $5 per square foot. By changing out flooring early on, if possible before moving in, you can significantly improve the look and feel of a home without much logistical hassle.

Improve your exterior – Although interior changes are often necessary for homes in poor condition, exterior upgrades are also important to consider. The US Houzz & Home Study in 2020 reported that 21% of renovating homeowners spent a median of $8,000 on exterior roofing, windows, and skylight projects.

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