We want our home to be a safe place for kids as much as possible. However, we should not be too confident that they are safe without doing the work needed. Kids love to explore things, and we will not always be there to stop them from touching electrical sockets or hazardous chemicals inside the cabinets. Luckily, there are ways to keep your home safe for kids through childproofing.

Put locks on your drawers.

Cabinets can be very interesting for children. Most chemical cleaning solutions are usually kept in the cabinets under the sink. Besides these chemicals, there are also forks and knives kept in our drawers, so ensure that you put locks on those storage places.

Install Corner Protectors

Kids are naturally energetic, and most of the time, they love to run around the house. Install corner protectors to prevent them from bumping into sharp edges of cupboards, table corners, and kitchen isles. Corner protectors are soft and mostly rubber to prevent kids from getting hurt if they accidentally bump into sharp edges in your home.

Put a screen on your fireplace

A fireplace could be dangerous for children. Put a screen on your fireplace to prevent children from falling or slipping into it even when you are not using it.

Cover your outlets

Kids must be safe from any electrical component of your house, like power strips or electrical sockets. The best way to protect them is to cover all outlets, visible or hidden behind furniture.

Install covers for stove knob

One of the areas that can also be dangerous for kids is the kitchen. By covering your stove knobs, you can ensure your kids will not play with them. Don’t forget to put them back every after use to avoid safety hazards. 

Everything at home that a toddler could reach inside or outside of the house should be childproofed.

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