There’s no need to sacrifice your style preference for the sake of security. After turning your home into a Pinterest-worthy masterpiece, you would not want to ruin it just because of security features. There are ways to keep your home secure while keeping it homey and welcoming.

  • Motion Sensor lights
    • Installing motion sensor lights is one way to make your home pretty while keeping it secured. You do not need a professional to install Motion Sensor Lights. It is easy to install and would add to the aesthetic mood of your home. Install Motion Sensor Lights to scare away burglars, like having a spotlight whenever they step on your property.
  • Get a Dog
    • One of the most common burglar-hindrance devices is a dog. Burglars will avoid houses where they can hear dog barks. People outside will not need to see what your dog looks like. Hearing them bark is enough to warn burglars to skip your home.
  • Upgrade your Deadbolt
    • Ensure that you install your deadbolt properly. The quickest security upgrade you can do at home is changing your door locks. There are a lot of online tutorials that can teach you how to do this project on your own. A few tools at home will be enough for you to D.I.Y.
  • Get Some Plants
    • Having plants at home can also be a security measure besides giving oxygen and making your home beautiful. You can place plants in perfect locations where burglars will have difficulty bypassing them. An example would be shrubs with thorns near the windows or any entry point. Rose bushes would be a good choice for example.
  • Appealing Home Security Systems
    • Old security systems are an eye sore because they’re too bulky and need to be installed by a professional. Fortunately, modern security systems are now easy to install without being too invasive. Everything works wirelessly and now looks prettier, so it can easily complement the colors or design of your walls.
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